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July 31, 2017

Good Monday afternoon!  I'm staying cool in my new studio while the sun scorches our fair land!  Yes, here in the Pacific NW the temperatures are rising; in the 100's which is really hot here.  So here's the scoop on my new creative space, which appeared over this last weekend.  My then studio was a lovely little haven that my Love had built for me in our garage.  It had everything this creative gal could wish for except...controlled temperature.  Yep, it'd be freezing in the winter and I'd be all bundled up in layers just to be able to work while my little heater could barely keep up.  Then of course, as you've probably guessed, the summer would get incredibly hot and stuffy that I couldn't work past the lunch hour!  So, though adorable and dreamy as it was, my little studio had to be evacuated!  


So where am I now?  Well, I'm glad you asked and are concerned for my whereabouts.  I'm just a couple of hundred feet away from the previously mentioned ice box/furnace.  We converted one of our bedrooms into my new studio!  From a dark red with nasty carpet, to a pale blush with a gray washed "wood" floor, my new haven is blissful.  This picture doesn't show it all and of course no shelving is up or pictures or storage, but I'll get there.  What do you think?



So it's a bit hard to see the blush pink walls and the beautiful floor, but take my word for's lovely!!  And my two goofy dogs can feel secure knowing I'm in the house with them.  So expect great things to be coming out of my new blissfully delicious creative space!


I also wanted to mention that if you'd like to really get to the nitty gritty with Lilli's Littles, follow me on Instagram.

It's my new social media obsession.  It's really fun.  Yes, my niece had to instruct me on how to use it, but I'm totally hip now!! 


So now I'm off to artsy fartsy land!  Glad you stopped by and we'll talk soon!!


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