About Lilli

Pouring Porcelain
Kiln view
china painting
Heirloom quality dolls handcrafted by artist Lilli Bass.

Hi!  My name is Lillian (Lilli) Bass and I live in Vancouver, WA with my Love, 3 kids and two dogs. I've been making miniature dolls for over 19 years and what started out as a cute little hobby, has turned into a fun and exciting business!  Making miniature dolls fills a creative and artistic passion that makes my heart soar. 


My dolls are heirloom quality collectibles, and here is why:  the dolls are made from porcelain and china painted.  They are dressed in a variety of  fine fabrics and multimedia items.  I start with liquid porcelain, pouring into plaster molds, drying and then kiln firing.  Translucent enamel (china paint) is then applied to the porcelain and fired in the kiln. This process is repeated 7-8 times, making the enamel permanent. Each costume is drafted and patterned to fit that particular doll, and depending on the costume, it will take 30 or more hours to complete a doll.  I hope that adult collectors will enjoy and notice the realism in my dolls that I want to convey.

Please take a look around. You'll find the shows I'll be attending for the year and past dolls that I have created.  The dolls are available several times a year via collections and shows.  Please sign up for my email list to be notified when a doll or collection is available.  I'm not accepting custom orders at this time.

Thank you for looking and follow your bliss!