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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions I receive.  If you do not see an answer to your specific question, please feel free to email me at:

For my prices and polices, you can download the document here:

Where Can I Buy Your Dolls?

You can buy them directly here on the website or on Etsy or at shows where I have a table.  I have an email list that you can sign up for (on homepage) that will let you know when dolls are available.

Do You Sell Undressed Dolls Or Kits?

Yes I do!  I create a limited amount of ready to dress (undressed) doll sets a month and occasionally a kit with fabric, etc.  Sign up for my email list to be notified of when these are available.  They are availble from my website only.

How Long Does A Custom Doll Take?

It usually takes me about 4-6 weeks to create a custom order for you, if I use a mold from my collection.  If I need to sculpt and make a mold, the process will be about 6-8 weeks.

Are The Dolls Pose Able?

The dolls are set into permanent positions and since they are fragile and made from porcelain, they are not pose able.

Can You Make A Doll To Look Like Someone?

I can and do many dolls that look like family members, famous people or characters from movies/books.  They are hand sculpted so I don't guarantee absolute reproduction, but I do my best!

I'm Ready!  How Do I Begin A Custom Order?

Awesome!  Email me at: and I will send you the information.  My wait list is a continual rolling list, so the available spots vary.  I will let you know when the next spot available is at that time you email me.

Can The Clothing Be Removed?

The clothing is permanent as well and can't be removed.  These dolls are collectible art and not meant to be manipulated.

Can You Make A Doll From Your Gallery?

I can, but it varies based on whether I still have the mold or the particular fabric/costume elements.

I'm Not Receiving Your Emails, Why?

Since my emails come from my website, and it is a retail website, the email will sometimes end up in your "spam" folder or "promotions" and not your main email.  Check your various sorting folders in your email program.  

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